Thursday, October 30, 2008


So many pictures, so little time . . . .

An actual vomitous post, where I"m just gonna throw up stuff that's been doodled over the last two weeks at work (when my computer finally started to open files faster, I had less time to doodle . . . . man, opening a 300M file as opposed to a FREAKIN 1G FILE makes a difference . . .

I think it was Bernards fault.

Anyway . . . sketches, hopefully in order. Top: composition for fanart from Howl's moving Caslte (awesome miyazaki movie, watch it!) Also, a picture of Rasheed the Red Panda being his mechanical self (and fixing Leon's motorcycle)

Next row: Leon with a kitty! So cute! Next, a composition I made for a project some friends from home and I were working on before I so conveniently moved away to Too-ley-doo.

Last image: A landscape I saw in a dream. Imagine it much bluer. I think I'll do some kind of speed paint color of it, if I can get the time somwhere. I"m so lazy when I get home after work . . . and I just work so much! Aaaaugh . . . . . I wish I worked just one day less! But I"m also lazy on the weekends, so I'm not sure it would matter.

Ossu! But I got my halloween costume done! . . . . all that effort into one costume . . . but I might wear it at cons, just for fun. Even though its not an anime character. People will probably still love it, at least I hope.

But I"m never sewing another hat like that.

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