Saturday, October 11, 2008

Enemy set no. 1

Mmm, the first two enemies for e6 . . . . well, I shouldn't say that. The girlish-looking one on the right is the first real enemy I think I"ll have six run into, a kind of imp demon like him, who works for the demon who "oversees" the city that ethan lives in. She doesn't particularily dislike him, but because her boss, whom she absolutely adores doesn't like six in his city, she fights against him. She's less powerful than him though . . . .

A little bit about demons and power and appearance:
If you can't tell, she has a different tail than six. He has a regular spade tail, but she has a (shorter) tail with a kind of end thats good for ripping and tearing (ugh, I just made myself sick.) She also only has two horns, while six has four. (for comparison, the highest demons usually have six, but lucifer will probably have 11, in a crown shape. . . . . I always think about the least significant details.) The closer to a demon's 'true' form that they must shape a human body, the more power it requries, and consequently, the more of their host's life they use up. Some demons don't care; their human forms are just disguises, since they destroy the mind of whomever they posess. But because Ethan retained his self when six posessed him, Six (eventually) tries to be a little bit more careful with him.

The other guy? He's a fallen angel.
All demons are fallen angels, but not all fallen angels are demons. He is one of the latter kind. He has his own sense of what is holy and right, though its terribly skewed. He's the kind of guy who would kill someone because all he can see is the evil in them. In other words, he's an old testament kind of guy - all about the laws, but he never sees grace . . . .

But thats all on him for now. Because its a beautiful day out, so I'm going to go to a metropark . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . *poof*

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