Friday, October 10, 2008

Just these two sketches for now - Six and Ethan, the main character(s) of Element 6. Six is a demon who is summoned to ethan's world (prettymuch like ours, but in the same kind of alternate world that all superhero comics take place in, wherever metropolis and gotham may be . . . . ) Anyway, he inadvertently becomes a kind of superhero, but I'm not saying any more right now

But, because I have a blog, I"m going to . . . blog.

About cars.

Okay, there are some REALLY ugly cars out there. Do people even know the car that they are driving is ugly? Not to mention some of those gas hogs out there, and now, just because people NEED their SUV's and trucks so badly, they're making hybrid and e85 versions of these monstrosities! Yeesh, people . . . just drive a smaller car!

Ugly car: Toyota FJ Cruiser. This may take the cake for ugly cars. Its even uglier than a hummer!
Ugly car: Hummer H3 - why would anyone really want (or need) this?
Ugly car: Scion XB - The XD is kind of nice looking though.

Awesome car: Honda Fit. Really, they're adorable!
Awesome car: Chevy Aveo 5/Pontiac Vibe (I think its the same car, but the chevy and pontiac versions.)
Awesome car: THE SMART CAR! Smart for 2 is the only one available in the US, and honestly I"m not sure how I feel about smart for 4.

Ugly car: Chrystler 300. First off, chrystler sucks. I've got terrible stories about their lemon-ness.
ugly car: Dodge charger - I think its the dodge version of the 300.
Ugly car: PT cruiser. 3 for 3 on this round, chrystler.
Ugly car: Any pickup truck taller than 5'. Which is almost all of them. Seriously, who needs a truck thats got two extra wheels, mirrors that have to hang out an extra foot to either side, and that you have to have a stepladder to get into? Not to mention they get 9 MILES PER GALLON! I wish I were exaggerating.

Awesome car: The 1st generation of Ford Focus were awesome (foci?)
Awesome car(s): The mazda 3 and Mazda 5. Hrm. All of these awesome cars seem to be pretty similar. Lets think of something different for the next
Awesome car: FERARRI FXX! Also, I would take ANY Lamborghini. I'm not a Porsche kind of girl though.

Car I'm not sure about: Toyota Prius. It could have been okay . . . but that sloping back just turns me off.

MOST AWESOME CAR EVER: 1993 Red Chevrolet Cavalier, station wagon! 3.1 V6 engine, though I wish it was a manual transmission. Still gets 30mpg and its 15 years old!
His name is dooky, and he's mine. XD

So, it seems that honda and chevy (along with ferrari and lamborghini) are the winners here, while christler, toyota, and the infamous hummer aren't doing well at all. But what do I know?

Well, that obviously deviated quite a bit from the art. Wow, Six looks so gay. He turns out better later on, I promise . . . .

Six: click here . . .
Ethan: (actually, he looks a lot like a younger version of the guy who sits next to me at work now that he has his hair cut almost exactly like this. You're terrible, scoot!)


Scoot said...

I'm not terrible.
Your characters look good but they need more weapons (check out the super kingz for weapon reference).

electricabyss said...

Why do you think his pants are so big? . . . that sounded really wrong. He's a demon, though! He could be the super kingz with super-magic! Bwhahahah!

BlankTorpedo said...

I completely agree with you on the cars. Funny that you've mentioned several of the cars that I've already ridiculed on my site:

I'll do a little feature on the Toyota FJ - I agree that it's hideous