Thursday, February 19, 2009

video games!

Just finished my first playthrouhg of DMC4, I'll probably play it a few more times before I'm done. Never did finish the first one though, never even touched 2 or 3.

I really like video games, I wish I had more time to play them. But honestly, I'm very sad in relation to the games that are in the market right now. Lots of games that are like assasins creed, or resident evil, or god of war. Sure, they may look nice. The graphics may be well-done and look like real people. They may have huge world maps and awesome programming, but . . . video games aren't ART any more. What happened to the beautiful games like Kingdom Hearts? Odin Sphere? Or that wonderful Okami? We've lost them somewhere? Why? Because game artists want to make games look more like REAL LIFE? This seems to defeat the purpose of games.

Give me back my beautiful games! Give me back real-time battles! I want more stuff like Zelda or Chaos Legion or Rogue Galaxy! I want eye candy! I want things that are fun to play! I want to be ENTERTAINED! Thats why I'm a gamer!

Aaaah, anyway, I totally thought the two crazy-looking characters would make awesome video game characters . . . . Death the Kid is from Soul Eater (I like anime too!), and the last guy is a . . . uhm . . . . something.

*pouts* Dante's DMC4 voice is terrible. We also need more good video game music! And voices!

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