Saturday, February 7, 2009

The (tentative) music card project

Photoshop and painter. Whether or not the epic music card project goes through, I'm at least doing this one, cause the oboe is freaking amazing. Duh. Anyway, kind of a work-in-progress look.

The oboe . . . one of the oldest woodwind instruments (possibly originating in ancient Egypt), the oboe is one of the few double-reeded instruments (along with the english horn, bassoon, contrabassoon, and bagpipes). It has been known to portray various waterfowl, and pwns pretty much every other instrument out there.

Uhm, on a side note, now that it finally warmed up a bit I went on a walk . . . but apparently the shoes I wore were NOT made for walking, cause I have a nice blister on my foot now . . . . D:

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Anonymous said...

i command you to finish that picture. i'ts awesome even as a work in progress.