Tuesday, March 10, 2009

another try at this manga thing

Two weeks to make a less-than-ten page manga on how my OC beats another girl from DA's OC. Another try at all this manga junk. Well, we're getting there. But not before TOTAL ANNIHILATION!

Uh, comments stolen from my DA: Pages 1 and 2 of my SDL duel with *Chocolate-Chibi Guy who's in the bottom is mine, but I wanted to try something different, and kind of tell it from her character's perspective, as they supposedly have a very difficult language barrier.

Am I getting better at manga yet? No, probably not. These pages look okay, you should see some of the crap thats coming up in the next 5 pages.

(pages 3 and 4) Trying all kinds of new tricks. . . . the speed and focus lines in the fourth page were made in illustrator, then taken over to photoshop. Look pretty good? I think they do . . . but they're starting to make the grey tones look out of place? Actually, thats good. MOst manga don't use as much grey tone as I do. But I gave up reading manga for lent, so its hard when I don't have references . . .

Yokoshima is SUPPOSED to be saying "Who are you? A samurai?" I tried to do some funny things with his speech, since he uses 'omae,' the very informal almost insulting form of 'you,' but also 'osamurai,' which is more respectful. Ah, whatever.

RAR! ONLY 3 MORE PAGES TO FINISH! . . . I'll never make it . . . .

Micron 01/005, photoshop cs3, illustrator cs3

I won't quit my day job . . . yet.

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