Saturday, January 10, 2009

black and white vomit

All right, some fun with black and white images.

So I don't know where I stand as far as what I want to do for my next graphic novel (since spitfire is such a big hit, apparently X_X). I think these top two are what I more or less default to, the one with the guy jumping is more or less just for fun. Lemme know what you guys think - will these work for more manga? Should I try something with screentones, more like some of the other ones I've posted?

On a side note, dooky is dying, so I"m looking into a new car . . . . if anyone knows anything about which cars are good (I really only know a little about styling and that) I need help . . . . my favorite pick right now is the honda fit, but I've been kinda looking at the saturn astra too. I know nothing about the mazda3 or the nissan versa. The pontiac vibe/toyota matrix have rear visibility issues that I hate . . . . . I know I'd fight them the whole time I owned the car. The Aveo is off the list, the prius is ugly (and too expensive) . . . What other possible hatchbacks are there? Whats good? I know if I got that fit I'd be okay, but if the saturn is a better car . . . .

At least dooky is fixed for a while though. I hope. Hey, snow.

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Scoot said...

These are really great! lots of fun looking at them. The guy in the coat jumping is probably my favorite.
I like jumping.